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Welcome to Hamer Cottage!

Living in the depths of alcoholism is a lonely and desperate place; living with someone else in the depths of alcoholism is a frustrating and often thankless task. Often people feel as if there is nothing else; nowhere else to go, no-one who can truly understand and make a difference.

Everyday, throughout a period of over 17years, Hamer Cottage has helped people suffering from alcoholism come to terms with their illness; we have helped people to re-build their lives, to find hope, contentment and enthusiasm and to live sober and happy lives.

If you or someone you know is struggling in their addiction to alcoholism and wants to find a way out of the torment, Hamer cottage can and does help.

If you are someone thinking of coming to stay at Hamer Cottage, or indeed a friend or relative of someone who may choose to use our service we recommend that you click on the ‘Service User’ button above.

Professionals are recommended to use the professional section, however should you wish to you are more than welcome to look at both parts.

Should you require any further information or indeed if you just want to talk about how we can meet your needs please do not hesitate to get in touch.

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  • Hamer Cottage welcomes feedback and thinks it is important to hear what you have to say in order to make the service better.

  • If you do have any comments or feedback please get in touch with Helen by phone on 01706 525325 or in writing at:

    Hamer Cottage, 107-109 Halifax Road, Rochdale, OL12 9BA

  • Or email :

Feedback can also be made directly to the CSCI – this is a government organisation who regularly inspect Hamer Cottage to ensure that the service provided is to a good standard. Please contact a member of staff for their full details.